Membership ID card

Legitimate members receive a customized membership card that identifies their association to the sports club. This card be used for identification purposes and can be linked to multiple applications provided by the facility.

Physical Access Control Card

Issuing an access card to members and staff safeguards the sensitive areas in the facility and reduces the risk of misuse and unauthorized intruders.

Vehicle Access Control Card

The card allows entrance of authorized vehicles and monitors the movements of these vehicles within the premises. This protects the facility from unauthorized vehicles to enter.

Time Attendance Card

Time attendance card checks the time that the staff and members report to the premise and also record the time out. With this in place, members will be obligated to show up on time as well as overtime compensation to eligible staff.

Payment Card

Members and staff can have an option to preload their cards with cash for in-house purchases without the need of carrying cash in the facility.