Employee and Student ID Card

The card authenticates the faculty, students and other staff members attempting to gain access to the respective areas in the institution. Also, this assists the visitors and parents to easily identify the school staff.

Physical Access Control Card

The card safeguards the educational premises, staff, and students from any external intrusion and security threat by allowing the authorized users only.

Vehicle Access Control Card

The card monitors the vehicles that are granted access to the facility and restricts the entrance of vehicles not associated with staff or students for security purposes.

Time Attendance Card

The management can use the card to assure faculties’ and staffs’ commitment. By identifying the reporting time and working hours per day provides a clearer picture for assessment and reward purposes. It can also be used to ensure that all students are attending their classes on time.

Payment Card

Enabling a cashless method is becoming valuable, which helps in reducing the overall adminstration cost and theft cases. A preloaded card can be used for multiple purposes and applications including but not limited to school fees, canteen, bookstore and other education supplies.