EMV Certified Encoders

Physical Lock to safeguard ribbons and bank cards stored in the hopper

Integrated with EMV Perso Software

Employee ID

The card acts as a reassurance for clients dealing with the financial institution. It is also a secure visual check for employees entering high critical zones with an option of linking it to multiple applications/platforms for identification and other purposes.

Debit and Credit Card

In-house instant issuance of secure debit and credit cards is of vital importance to financial institutions, it boosts the customer’s level of satisfaction and reduces the operational and overall cost.

Logical Access Card

Issuing a card to protect critical information secures the financial institution from any external threat. This card provides access only to authorized cardholders with an option to be integrated with a multi-layer secure platform for maximum security.

Membership/Identification Card

Secure customer identity card is issued in emerging markets for new customers requesting for banking services. This card acts as an identification and verification mean that grants the institution with easy access to customer information and reduce fraud by unwanted groups.

Physical Access Control Card

The card acts a security measurement to restrict the public from entering unauthorized areas. It is also another way to identify visitors and control their movement around the premises.

Vehicle Access Control Card

Issuing vehicle access cards for staff and visitors is way of identifying and monitoring who entered and exited the premise. It restricts unwanted vehicles from intruding and assists in reducing traffic.

Time Attendance Card

Using the card to sign in and out to measure employees performance is critical in financial institutions. The system can also be linked to the banking system where the staff should also be signed in from their workstation for the attendance to be validated.