Employee/Staff ID

The government can use the staff ID card for easy identification and verification of its staff. Also, the visitors can simply identify the respective government employees in the public offices and hence get served by the right personnel. The cards enhance the government compliance with the regulations by the federal and local agencies for authentication.

Visitor Pass

Issuing a card for visitors to distiniguish them from employees is of high importance, it gives the government entity the control over visitors from accessing restricted zones, monitors the duration of their stay as well as for identification and security purposes.

Physical Access Control Card

The cards assist the government to safeguard its facilities and premises from unauthorized personnel. This is important in protecting the key areas and reinforces security away from criminal activities.

Vehicle Access Control Card

Grants vehicular access to the authorized users only to sensitive areas within the government sector which contributes to the security of the premises.

Logical Access Card

This controls the access to the overall information about the government by the authorized cardholder. The cards can be password encrypted and require login in order to access important information like e-material, government programs and other critical information that requires a higher level of security.

Time Attendance Card

The card monitors the movement of the employees within the government premises including recording the time in and time out, which eliminate the delay and absenteeism.

Payment Card

The card can be preloaded or linked to the payroll to allow employees make payments for in-house facilities within the government entity, such facilities include canteen and other value-added services the entity would like to provide.