Employee ID

The card reveals the cardholder to clients and creates the required comfort zone to start a conversation. It is also used for quick identification and smooth admission into the staff areas.

Health Insurance Card

The card enables the insurance company to compensate the member for medical payments in accordance with the premiums and insurance policy.

Car Insurance Card

The insurance card enables the business to compensate the cardholder for any damages caused to the automobile according to the policy in a timely and efficient manner. The customer can pay for the insurance premiums at remote areas.

Time Attendance Card

The card allows the organization to monitor the movement of its staff that includes the check-in and checkout time, rotations and working hours without manually registering.

Physical Access Control Card

The card grants access to authorized employees, visitors and working labor of the insurance facility and eliminate the cases of personification and external security threats.

Vehicle Access Control Card

The card admits the authorized holder to enter the insurance premises with minimal checks at the entrance and eliminate cases of unauthorized vehicular access.

Payment Card

Issuing prepaid cards for in-house facilities for employees to use can be an optional platform. It could also act as a revenue generator if value-added features were introduced. Features including but not limited to discounts and monthly payments rather than daily payments.