Physical Access Control Card

The staff, patients, and visitors holding an authorized card would be allowed to enter to critical areas within the health facility. This can be tied to the employees’ attendance, visitors’ duration at the premises and patients’ waiting time.

Employee ID

This provides the visual assurance to the patients regarding the staff they are engaging with. Also, this acts as a security measure against potential threats to the patients using the medical facility.

Logical Access Card

The card with electronic encrypted tools/devices can be used to gain access to sensitive medical information by the authorized staff and patients. This is important in ensuring that the system is safe and is not violating the privacy policy set by the local and federal authorities as well the medical facility.

Payment Card

The card simplifies the payment transaction of medical bills occurred on the patient. Another card can be issued for in-house purchases made by internal employees. This reduces the handling of liquid cash and hence minimizes the incidence of theft.

Vehicle Access Control Card

Control vehicles that access the healthcare facility especially to the areas perceived to be sensitive to the public.

Time Attendance Card

The card can record the time that healthcare staff enters and leave the premise and eradicate unnecessary movements and lateness.