Monochrome Ribbon

Monochrome ribbons are of one single color primarily used for printing text and one color line on one or both sides of the card.

Heidi’s Monochrome ribbons prints solid single color without shades or shadows. Monochrome ribbons are not recommended to print the photographs. But ideal for personalizing pre-printed cards with names, barcodes/QR codes etc.

MS: Metallic Silver

R: Red

MG: Metallic Gold

B: Blue

K: Black

KO: Black with Overlay

W: White

SO: Scratch off Mono Ribbon

KO: Black with Overlay

A ribbon roll consists of only black color panel with an overlay. When the user application does not require color image to be printed on the card, KO ribbon is the suitable ribbon to be used. KO ribbon gives 600 yields/roll.

SO: Scratch off Mono Ribbon

Heidi scratch-off ribbon produces a gray scratch off panels on your plastic card. Scratch off ribbon is used to cover up confidential information printed on the cards such as pin number, expiry date, to name a few.