GET Identity

Versatile Card Personalization and Issuance

GET Identity is comprehensive card personalization software designed to provide organizations with the ability to create, manager, personalize and issue a wide range of card types. The system’s open architecture supports a wide range of features that can be easily grouped and utilized by small and large organizations, and its multi-tier nature allows it to work with different database engines. GET Identity’s modular design consists of three modules: ID Designer, ID Manager and Data Entry.

  • An intelligent card issuance solution with customized workflows, and works independently of hardware platforms
  • User-friendly and versatile with rich design tools, a library of templates and drag-and-drop functionality
  • Reduces the cost and complexity of contact, contactless and magnetic stripe card encoding and barcode/QR code generation

GET Identity empowers its users with the following benefits:
    • A high-performance solution supporting concurrent transactions
    • Easy-to-use modules, screens and tools
    • Modules can work within on environment or can be used separately in integration with other software applications and hardware
    • Non-expert users can simply create and manage card design, personalization and issuance workflows
    • Easy data management through customized data entry screens
    • Supports GET Group’s card printers, and can seamlessly integrated with other printers
    • The solution includes standard reporting templates, a dashboard, and tools for report customization and monitoring
Feature List Basic Advanced Enterprise
Dual Side Template Design
System Predefined Templates
Multiple Views/Pages/Layers

Static/Variable Data Field

(Text, Image, Date, MRZ,  Graphic fields)

Composite Data Field
Add, Save and Search Data Records
Barcode, Magnetic Strip and QR Code Support
Create/Customize own Template Design
Automatic Database Creation and Configuration (Access)
Customize Data Entry Form Design
Instant Printing Preview 

Variable Data Field Import/Export

(Excel, csv, Text)

Multi-Table databases

(MS Access, MSSQL, MySQL)

Multisite Configuration
Centralized Users Management

Dashboard and Reporting


Export Report to Excel
Image Processing and Enhancement
Central Data Management

Smart Card Encoding

(Mifare Classic, Mifare DESfire)

Smart Card Designer
Integrated Signature Capture ¹
Integrated Fingerprint Capture ¹
Integrated Face Capture ¹
Oracle Database Support ¹
Microsoft Active Directory/LDAP Support

ID Designer

The ID Designer is a feature-rich tool for the design of the graphical and logical structure of the card. It supports various static and dynamic elements including text, images, shapes, layers, and complex items. Additionally, the ID Designer module incorporates a smartcard unit responsible for designing the encoded structure of smart cards.

ID Manager

The ID Manager module provides the administrator with a user-friendly interface to set the data source, design and customize the data-entry interface, create roles and users, assign relevant permissions, and generate reports.

Data Entry

The Data Entry module supports direct issuance operations with a dynamic data-entry screen, instant print preview, and various tools to add and edit records. The data on the cards is imported from the data source defined by the ID Manager