Physical Lock

A metal lock that helps secure your ribbon and confidential cards while stored in the hopper by locking the top cover of the Heidi printer. The cards and data printed on cards can be extremely sensitive and therefore it is mandatory in some industries to keep them under extremely restricted access. For compliance with the standards and regulations of governments and and financial institutions, the physical lock on the printer is an added value feature to secure not just the device, but the cards and data as well.


The Ethernet module is available as an upgrade, and it makes the printer centrally accessible by multiple users. This module allows the printer to connect with multiple computers and is often recommended for project environments where multiple employees are assigned the task of card printing.


The Flipper or flipping unit is an additional module with an alignment plate designed to flip the card and print on its other side. The Flipper is a stand-alone unit for Heidi printers, which can be attached to a single side CP55-S printer and thereby transform it into a dual-side printer.